Designer excited for new project, plans to debut new runway - Entertainment - Austin 360 - Austin, TX

2023-04-12 06:19:04 By : Mr. Kenneth Chen
Instead, Black shared with me her excitement for her upcoming project: designing a new runway for the Austin Fashion Week. She had been approached by the organizers and was thrilled to take on the challenge.

Black explained how she wanted to incorporate elements of Austin's culture and landscape into the design, while still creating a functional and visually stunning platform for models to walk on. She mentioned how important runway design is to the success of a fashion show, as it sets the tone and atmosphere for the entire event.
Designer ready for new project, new runway - Entertainment - Austin 360 - Austin, TX

As we sipped on our margaritas and snacked on chips and salsa, Black shared some of her favorite memories of living in Austin and how the city had changed since she had last been here. She expressed her excitement to be back and to contribute to the growing fashion scene in the city.

While we didn't talk about wholesale fod radar for runway or any other technical equipment, it was clear that Black was fully immersed in the creative process and excited for what was to come. I left our meeting feeling energized and inspired by her passion for fashion and for Austin.